Fischer Bumper Pool Table - Very Good Condition!!!

This is a very nice Fischer Bumper Pool table that I have had in my private collection for the past 15 years. The only reason I am selling it is to make room for a new baby and all his toys.

What I know about the table is that it is made by Fischer, which it says on the machine is a division of Questor Corporation in Tipton, Missouri and the serial # is A48429. I would guess that it was made sometime in the 70's or 80's. It is in really good condition, the felt top looks brand new and all the bumpers are in great shape and the rubber rings are also in great shape. The only problem with the machine at all is that the white ring hole that the balls fall into has a few chips around the top, not bad at all, which is why I never replaced it but I want to make sure that I disclose that.

The dimensions of the table are 58" x 42" and it is 30" tall. It also has a 1" slate top and a dark color vaneer (oak?). The table comes with all the balls and 1 cue stick.

I am not sure what it weighs but two people can lift it. The top just sits on top of the legs so it disassembles into three pieces which makes it easy to transport and fit through doors. The table is located in Manhattan , Kansas and I will show it to anyone that wants to see it.

This item is for pick up only, I will not ship it.