Fish-Eye Lens Doberman-Calendar & Plush Toy-Helps Gent!

A Special Needs Dobermans Fund Raising Auction

Hilarious Doberman 2009 Calendar PLUS BONUS Matching Puppy!!
12 Months Plus Of Doberman Delight!!

Why Not Laugh While You Keep Up To Date? You've probably never wondered what your Darling Dobermans (DDs) would look like if you were a goldfishâe¦but you're getting ready to find out! Look through these photographers' fish-eye lens and you'll have a fresh smile every month!! Of course, some "normal" shots are thrown in so you don't get a permanently distorted view of your DDs! We've all gotten that nose in your face look down the barrel before... making some of these shots toooo CUTE!! Don't let another month go by without an opening grin! This really grrreat calendar is from the Artist Collection, The Dog, ©Artlist International and as they so aptly put it: "Accept No Copycats!!" Calendars are all about we are sending you a BONUS to take up some of that spare time you might arrange on your calendar - This Bonus Gift - A Matching Fish-eye lens Puppy Steps out of the the Calendar to give you a 3D laugh - every aspect is hilarious!! You'll definitely do a double-take to make sure you haven't turned into a goldfish!! This puppy is an authentic part the Original THE DOG Artist Collectionâ,,¢ and is sooooo cute!! This pup measures approximately 8" tall, 20" long and
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