Fisher 400 Tube Receiver. This unit is part of my own personal collection. Not only do I sell electronics but at one time I was avid collector of vintage electronics. I don't have the time to use my audiophile treasures that I have collected over the years so up for auction they go.This particular example is all original including the all the tubes, components, etc. All lamps are functioning including the dial, and tube stereo beam. I brought this unit up on a variac over a period of 48 hours as I always do with vintage equipment. Everything works, both channels have equal, powerful output, the phono section works (with a little hum), all controls and switches operate their respective functions. Tape monitor switch needs cleaning it's a little intermittent. Flaws: two of decorative knob brass end caps are missing, and there are no feet since this unit was removed from a custom wood console. Face plate is clean with all lettering intact along with the dial. Chassis is amazingly clean, including transformers. This 400 being original as it is has to be gone over by a tech. knowledgeable in tube electronics. This unit is close to 45 years old. After almost a half century components such as capacitors, tubes, resistors, etc. have to be out of their original tolerances. This unit like all other vintage electronics have to be serviced before ... read more