fisher 500c fisher 7591a tubes nice...quiet. one issue

knobs and brass caps present and nice
Volume works smoothly and quietly but does not engage into off position
balance smooth and quiet
tone controls smooth and quiet
All flip switches smooth and quiet
phase knobs turn easily
Tuner and tuner dial working
slight noise in speaker switch
slight noise in selector switch
Did not test headphone jack
all speakers working on both channels
center channel output working
loudness/contour working
signal strength v/u and light is working.
Stereo beacon light working
Printing is clear throughout
inputs...phono low phono high aux and tape head...working
Hum at half volume with muted cd player through sensitive jbl 375 and 075
audible barely from 1 foot.
2 extra bulbs..used.
It is not perfect and to my knowledge has never been serviced
This unit was a gift and came in a console. It was very dirty and still could use a detailed cleansing.
Initially the power switch worked but would never re-engage. All other knobs and switches were stiff
and scratchy. Cleaned and lubed all...and the sound really blossomed.
will be packed with 1.25" styro-foam solid glued box.
Good luck!
International bidders package will be 53x25x43[21"x10"x17"] weight 45lbs