Fisher and Norris Eagle 100# Anvil

For auction is a 100# Fisher anvil. Anvil has some chips as seen in pictures. Anvil was cast in 1941. Overall lenth is 21 5/8" Height is 10 1/2" , 3 9/16" wide, 3/4 HH and a 9/16 PH. Of all of the American anvil manufactures, perhaps the one with the most history attached to it is that of the Fisher and Norris Eagle Anvil Works. This is for good reason. Not only was this company the first successful anvil manufacturer in the U.S., but they also managed to last longer than any of their competition - they were the last of the major manufactures to stop producing anvils.

The Fisher and Norris Eagle Anvil was founded in 1843 and produced anvils through December 14 1979 � a total of 136 years. It is estimated that during their long history that they produced over 400,000 anvils � more than any other American anvil maker.

A clear difference between anvils made by Fisher was in the basic construction. Most conventional anvils are made of a wrought-iron body and a steel face. Anvils made by Fisher were different in that they were made with a body of cast iron with a welded steel face. By and large, most smiths prefer the wrought iron bodied anvils for the simple reason that they have the characteristic �ring� when working on them. Fisher anvil, by comparison, have more of a �thunk� sound when struck. On a wrought bodied
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