Fisher Price Doll House Sweet Street Village Beauty Shop + Pet Shop

Included in this action the Beauty Shop and Pet Shop from the Sweet Street Village. I believe it is retired. The House is in played with condition but near new condition was really taken care of and shows minor wear. All decals are intack and it shows no fading and is very clean!!! I am not going to go into too much detail...the photos show you !!

Includes: 1 person

Beauty Shop

Pet store

Hair Dresser Station w/attached blow drier

Salon chair

3 puppies together

2 kittens on a scratching post

Cash register w/bird

Don't miss out on this one....really nice!!!

I think the only thing missing is a purple comb for the doll.....!!

Feel free to as question!!! I will be listing more Sweet Street Village play houses!! Check them out!!