Fisher Price GeoTrax Heavey Construction Set 100+ Pcs. Lot #008


Heavey Construction Set

Very Nice Busy Set

Everything In this Set Is In VERY GOOD CONDITION

100+ Pcs.

Included in this set:

Mix & Go Dump Truck

Remote makes truck sounds

1 Car & Rotating Mixer

Allbright Trucking

Cab Lights Up when Running

Tractor, Trailer, & Pup Wagon with Cargo

Remote Makes Truck Sounds

Blue & Yellow Powered Train

Needs No Remote

Push Button ON & OFF

Easy For Younger Children

Lights & Sounds Dump Truck

Push Truck

Makes truck sounds & lights flash

Lights & Sounds Garbage Truck

Push Truck

Makes Train Sounds & Lights

Mt.Blast Construction Co.

With working crane

GeoMotion Water Works Fill Co.

Tank Fills & Emptys

Train & Child Powered

Suspention Bridge

With Toll Booth

GeoMotion Pallet Factory

Train & Child Powered

Geomotion Windmill

Train & Child Powered

3 Pc. Mt. Pass thru Bridge

Pipe loader

Gravel Loader

Boulder & Hopper Loader

4 Construction Figures

Lots of Track, Trucks, Loader, Excavator, Cars, Cargo, &
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