Fisher-Price Imaginext BIGFOOT the Monster ...NIB..!!!!

Imagine a little monster with a big personality. That's the Fisher-Price Imaginext Big Foot the Monster. He's happy. He's angry. He's sleepy. He's fun. He talks, walks and throws a ball. He also chews, burps and exercises. Kids can bring him to life with an easy-to-use wireless remote control. The symbols on the buttons show what Big Foot will do, so no reading is required. Features
Easy-to-use wireless remote control
The remote control has a toggle and seven buttons. The toggle allows him to walk forward and backwards, and the six buttons are happy, angry, sleep, fun, ball, and exercise.
Wide range of emotions
Press the happy button to hear him laugh, or press the angry button to hear him roar and watch him pound his fists or raise his arms above his head and shake his fists. With the push of another button, your child can also change his expression to watch his face shift from a frown to a smile.
Sweet dreams
The sleep button makes him go to sleep and emit loud snoring sounds. Press any of the emotion buttons on the remote while he sleeps to hear him dream.
Fun and games
Press the ball button to hear him say things like "play" and watch him throw the ball. Press the button on his belly to hear him laugh. Don't forget the fun button on the remote to hear a unique rap and a variety of other
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