Fisher-Price Mega T-Rex

Fisher-Price Imaginext Mega T-Rex.The Mega T-Rex has motorized action, sound effects and removable armor for added play. The Fisher-Price Imaginext Mega T-Rex will transport your child to a fantastical world of dinosaurs, robots, and soldiers. Designed for ages three and up, this motorized toy features enough interactive parts, sound effects, and snap-on accessories to keep your child occupied for hours. Standout features include two firing cannons, an opening cockpit, and a push button that makes T-Rex burst into action. Standing over 1 foot in height, Imaginext Mega T-Rex adds a new, futuristic dimension to classic dinosaur play. This is no ordinary dinosaur toy: Mega T-Rex is equipped with robotic armor, including tech arms and a protective helmet. He even has two blasters mounted on his armor, which can fire projectiles during the heat of battle. T-Rex also comes with a miniature soldier figure who can "take control" of T-Rex by sitting in his cockpit. If your kids are in the mood for a more traditional dinosaur game, they can simply snap off Mega T-Rex's armor. Even without his high-tech accessories, the dinosaur can provide plenty of imaginative thrills. T-Rex features everything you'd expect from a dinosaur toy, from his scaly hide to his fearsome teeth and snapping jaws. Exciting Motorized Action and Sound Effects Mega T-Rex ... read more