Fisher-Price Shimmer and Shine Genie Masquerade Ball Dress and Mask Doll 3-Pack

Shimmer and Shine are excited to come to Princess Samira's Masquerade Ball but Zeta, the sneaky sorceress, has her sights set on stealing the costume contest's grand prize! Will the genies be able to foil the sorceress' scheme or will the contest turn into a crazy costumed caper? Little ones will love playing out the genies' adventures with these Shimmer, Shine and Zeta Dolls, each dressed in beautiful Ball gowns and Masquerade masks. Each Doll stands approximately 15 centimeters (6-inch) and features a soft ponytail that little ones can style with the included bottle-shaped brush.
Shimmer, Shine and Zeta are dressed and ready to attend the Masquerade Ball!Each Doll is dressed in a beautiful ball gown and comes with a Masquerade mask!Genies' ponytails can be styled with the included bottle-shaped brushPerfect addition or beginning to any Shimmer and Shine collection!Great gift for any Shimmer and Shine fan!AB-98