Fishman Rare Earth Blend acoustic guitar pickup

This is the pickup from my Voyage Air acoustic travel guitar.
I had it professionally fitted about a year ago when I bought it but its rarely used as I play the guitar unplugged most of the time. T he length of the cable is approx 60cm from pickup to the inboard end of jack plug. It sat in this full size dreadnought with plenty of slack inside the body so it will fit any acoustic body comfortably. You can also run it externally from the body if you don't have an enlarged hole in the end block of your guitar.
The pickup functions perfectly and has great tone with a nice feature of being able to bias the blend from humbucker to condenser mic.
As you can see there is a nick in the outer insulation, mid way along the cable. I bought the system used and it was like that when I got it. It has absolutely no effect on the performance whatsoever. No crackles or buzz. I suppose you could put a little insulating tape over it but I never bothered and it works perfectly.
You will see that the cork lining on the upper side of the humbucker clamp has been replaced with a white soft felt material. The luthier did this when he fitted the system as I like a really low action for fingerstyle and it reduced the height of the humbucker face slightly so it was clear of the strings.
Again, no effect on the performance of the pickup
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