Fishman Prefix Plus-T Guitar Preamp/EQ Ceramic Undersaddle Pick-up FAST POST!!

Fishman Prefix Plus-T Side-mount Guitar Preamp/EQ/Tuner w/Matrix Undersaddle Ceramic Pickup. U.K SELLER. FREE FAST POST! BEST PRICE ON THE NET BY MILES!

Includes Matrix Undersaddle ceramic quality Pickup.

Volume, Bass and Treble controls

Brilliance and Contour controls

Semi-parametric EQ with Frequency control

Notch Filter and Phase Switch

Built-in Chromatic Tuner

Like the rest of the Prefix onboard preamp family, the Prefix Plus-T features ultra-quiet electronics and Volume, Bass, Treble and semi-parametric Contour controls which allow you to isolate certain frequencies and boost or cut them as required. In addition the a built-in chromatic tuner, the Prefix Plus-T adds a Brilliance control and a Phase switch and Notch filter to help fight feedback.

Acoustic Matrix Pickup

The Fishman Acoustic Matrix™ under-saddle pickup used in the Prefix Plus-T is regarded as the industry-standard acoustic transducer. A unique proprietary co-polymer sensing material is the secret to the Acoustic Matrix' excellent sensitivity and dynamic range. The transducer is fully EMI shielded and is comprised of a multi-layer sandwich of co-polymer strips that run the length of the pickup. The continuous length design allows the pickup to sense the motion of the entire saddle length, for superb

Prefix Plus-T Preamp

The Prefix Plus-T preamp offers the tonal variety and feedback-fighting capabilities of Fishman's deluxe Prefix Plus onboard preamp system, with the addition of a high-quality chromatic tuner and a streamlined new look. The preamp module incorporates a unique flip-top compartment for easy battery access. Bass, treble, brilliance and semi-parametric "Contour" EQ let you quickly dial in your personal tone. For real-world playing conditions, a problem solving phase switch and notch filter help keep acoustic feedback under control. A convenient low battery indicator rounds out the preamp features.

Semi-Parametric EQ/Contour

In addition to the traditional Volume, Treble and Bass controls, the Prefix Plus-T includes a Contour control that adjusts the level of the frequency specified by the Frequency control, from 250 Hz (low midrange) up to 10 kHz (brilliant treble). This allows you to "dial in" a particular frequency to adjust, rather than having a midrange control that only adjusts a single, fixed frequency.

Notch and Phase Controls

The Notch and Phase controls work hand in hand to suppress two adjacent ranges of acoustic feedback. When you set them properly, you can play your instrument as loud as you like, feedback free. Tune the NOTCH filter to scoop out the lowest range of feedback when you play bass notes between the open low E string and (up to and including) the fourth fret G sharp on the same string. Low frequency "cavity resonance" feedback can usually be squelched by setting the NOTCH control between one o'clock and two o'clock on the dial. Note that the NOTCH can be defeated by moving the dial to the OFF (seven o'clock) position. Push the PHASE switch in and out until you find the position that sounds best and subdues mid-bass feedback. Mid bass feedback generally occurs when you play bass notes above the fourth fret G sharp on the low E string.

Built-in Chromatic Tuner

This digital chromatic tuner accommodates all standard and alternate tunings. For your convenience, the tuner button also acts as a mute switch. The tuner circuit uses the internal battery power, so be sure turn it off when you finish tuning.


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