Five (5) Random Unsearched Wheat Penny Rolls

***I'll try to keep this brief and skip the hoopla!***

I have a large sum of coins to sell and I'm doing many different types of auctions to do that. This is one of my options. I look forward to selling these long term and so am not here to rip people off. What I am doing is simply scooping, rolling, selling, shipping...not searching!

I hope and want this to be a fun experience. I want people to find key dates, error coins, indian heads, steels. I know that if/when they do they will be happy and return back to my auctions and buy more...pretty simple stuff. =)

I truly have no idea what will be in each roll. I would appreciate letting me know what you get in an email or in your feedback. "The good, the bad and the ugly." All I do know and all I can guarantee, is that these will all be wheats and random from the dates range of 1909-1958 . I know there will be key dates, indian heads, steels etc. in these rolls at some point and to someone but I have no control when or to who. All I can say is happy hunting, good luck and HAVE FUN!!!

*No Reserve*

I will not be accepting returns to protect myself from people cherry picking and returning but please be sure to email me with any concerns or questions...thank you.