Five Star FS-271 Maple Baseball Bat unfinished 34

Five Star FS-271 Maple Baseball Bat

Size: 34"

Color Unfinished

100% sugar maple from the Canadian north forest kiln dried for a harder hitting surface and reducesthe chance off bat breakage

The FS271 is similar to the Louisville Slugger C271. The FS271 is a good bat for hitters that are converting from aluminum to wood bats. The FS271 is a wood bat with great balance.

This model is for hitters that like bat speed and are looking for a higher batting average.

The Five Star Wood Bat Company makes a very small production because they use only the finest Canadian maple available to make bats.

All of the Future stars bats are lathe spun and hand sanded one by one.

The length weight/ratio on all Five Star wood bats are between -2 to -3. Five Star is the finest maple bat available in todays wood bat market.

List price:$90.00

Introductory price: $49.99

This product is only sold through Future Stars Athletics