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I sell brand new NordicTrack Classic Pro skiers, reconditioned, like new, Pre-1999 NordicTrack skiers and full line of NordicTrack skier replacement parts to help keep your skier running its best. I am a factory trained NordicTrack technician who has been repairing NordicTrack skiers since 1983 and will available after the sell to answer any of your NordicTrack skier questions .

If you own a NordicTrack Skier made before 1999 you own the highest quality exercise machines ever made. With proper care and a few maintenance parts, your skier should last you a lifetime.

NordicTrack recommends replacing the leg resistance strap at least every 400 hours (every two year for the average user) and it will make your NordicTrack operate smoother and quieter.

This auction is for a BRAND NEW Nordic Track (NordicTrack) leg resistance strap with new resistance spring. These genuine NordicTrack parts will fit any NordicTrack Pro, Pro II, Classic Pro, Excel, East Ski, Sequoia , Sequoia Classic, Sport, NordicSport, NordicSport 450, Challenger and the All American ski machine models. This is a NEW black resistance strap, with heavy duty D-clip and NEW original pre-1999 resistance spring
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