Fizik Arione Tri2 Carbon Braided Rail 189G

in stores for $268-$289 buy now for $175.00

The Fizik Arione TRI 2 Carbon Saddle is a true triathlon saddle. The forward part of the shell by the nose is shaped so there's more room for padding, and the mid section also has more padding than a traditional saddle. For more thigh comfort and flex while hammering there is both Wing Flex on the sides and Twin Flex through the middle of the saddle. That allows plenty of give on an otherwise stiff carbon/nylon saddle.
CARBON BRAIDED RAIL: This rail is a sleeve of braided carbon fibers filled with uni-directional carbon fibers. The rail is capable of expanding and contracting in order to assure a high grade of resistance.
The length of the Tri 2 Carbon Braided is 302mm. The width is 132mm at the widest. The cover is perforated Black Microtex, with black suede thigh glides. The carbon shell makes the weight of the Fizik Arione Tri 2 carbon saddle with Carbon rails is super light at 189g.

Ships from Hawaii