Flagg `I Am Telling You`

Flagg `I Am Telling You`. 1918 Size: 20 x 30`, matted and framed to 24¼ x 34¼`. Printer: not noted. Faint, minor creasing scattered throughout; one noticeable crease at bottom edge; moderate, uniform fading. Fading is the primarily flaw, else very good condition. Flagg`s Uncle Sam is used here to promote the War Savings Stamps effort of 1918. Although the Third Liberty Loan had been a successful campaign, the almost four months between that drive and the next meant that U.S. resources were being stretched to the limit. In an effort to replenish military coffers and to promote saving rather than consumption on the part of the remaining workforce -- many of whom had disposable income for the first time in many years -- the government embarked on a plan designed to appeal to the whole population, regardless of income. With a focused appeal to children, women and immigrant populations, the message that a little extra thrift and a handful of quarters would help the war effort was an effective one and the W.S.S. program earned more than a billion dollars.