FLAGS Norway Coat of Arms Royal Standard Pennant - 1899 Color Litho Print

Another Fine Quality Print from Martin2001
The colors in the print are uniform.
The unevenness in the photo was caused by the lighting source
Print Specifics:
Type of print: Lithograph - Original antique print Year of printing: not indicated in the print - actual 1899
Publisher: United States Department of Navy, Washington
Condition: 1 (1. Excellent - 2. Very good - 3. Good - 4. Fair)
Dimensions: 8.25 x 11.25 inches (21 x 28,5 cm), including blank margins (borders).
Paper weight: 2 (1. Thick - 2. Heavier - 3. Medium heavy - 4. Slightly heavier - 5. Thin) Reverse side: Blank
Flags depicted in the print:
Ensign - Merchant
Coat of Arms - Royal Standard
Green color around the print in the photo is a contrasting background on which the print was photographed. Blue color in the print is darker navy glue rather than the blue/turquoise color misrendered by the camera.
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