FLAMES OF WAR Polish Mechanized Cavalry company fully painted mixed mfg.s

Hello, Brave Polonia Commander!
Here is a fully painted and kitted out Mechanized Cavalry, ready to serve as a new army for you!
Most of the Army was grabbed in one go when the army was released. i added a blister of Forged in Battle and a few accessories from True North later on. The a few friends of mine gave me some stuff, which i'm just gonna toss in: if i can't name the manufacturer or source, i will not include it in my base price.
It includes:
HQ elements, including Motorcyle, 2 Mortars...
2x Dismounted cavalry, converted to Rifle MG teams
1x FiB Piechoty platoon of 12 men +Cmd.
1x HMG section, 4 guns worth
1x Motorcycle Recon with 2 large bases +Cmd
2x Bofors 37mm Anti-tank infantry guns. 3 guns each.
3x Spare HMG teams for the combat platoons to attach
1x Infantry Style Gun battery, 4 gun and staff team, spotter
1x Cavalry Style Gun battery, 4 gun and staff team, spotter
2 command jeeps, one for HQ, one for Cav' Artillery
There are also miscellaneous other parts, like markers and stuff, but i am not gonna list those as charged items. Just call it an add-on.
my starting ask-price is based on the store price at battlefront. Do the math if you feel the need to check listed items.
best of fortune!
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