FLASH GORDON Cartoon Animation PRINCESS Cel & Hand Painted Background #A2555

FLASH GORDON Cartoon Animation PRINCESS Cel & Hand Painted Background #A2555

Size: 10" x 14"

In 1979, Filmation produced an cartoon series , often referred to as The New Adventures of Flash Gordon , though it is actually titled Flash Gordon . The expanded title was used to distinguish it from previous versions. The project was originally designed as a TV film but NBC decided to change it into an animated series.

NBC was unhappy with the serial nature of the first season, as it clashed with their re-run style (details can be found on a documentary included on the DVD), so the second season was much changed and also aimed at a younger audience. Each episode included two stand-alone stories, often featuring a young dragon named Gremlin, introduced for comic relief. Unfortunately, this decision led to a decline in ratings and the show was canceled thereafter.

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This is really an outstanding piece. OWN A PIECE OF ANIMATION HISTORY!!!

The time, effort and attention
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