Flashdance Jennifer Beals Framed 'Alex' Poster

***REASONABLE BEST-OFFERS CONSIDERED PRE-AUCTION OR DIRECT PURCHASE - ITEMS TO BE SOLD VIA THIS VENUE ONLY (PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST OFF-VENUE SALE)! Item/Description: Flashdance "Jennifer Beals as Ã,Â'AlexÃ,Â'" Wood-Framed Under Glass Hollywood Movie One-Sheet Poster. This is a SPECTACULAR image of a young Jennifer Beals, and a much more UNIQUE version than the usual Flashdance Posters also on the market (sheÃ,Â's DAPPERLY DECKED OUT in her Tuxedo-esque "Lobster-eating, playing footsies under the table" with Michael Nouri Outfit) ;~) Age/Period: Modern/Contemporary (1983 is the only noted copyright date - whether this is an Original 1980s Poster or a later reissue is UNKNOWN - Buyer is purchasing this for whatever they think it to be with NO REPRESENTATIONS being made either way by Seller, thus making this a "NO REFUNDS - FINAL SALE") Manufacturer/Identification/Markings: "1983 Paramount Pictures Corporation All Rights Reserved T.M. Designates Trademark of Paramount Pictures Corporation;" "Distributed by C/C Sales for Bennett International 1055 W Monroe, Chicago, Illinois 60607; Poster Manufactured by Bennett International Under Exclusive License from Paramount Pictures Corporation, The Trademark Owner" Material(s)/Format: One-Sheet Poster Wood-Framed Under Glass Size/Measurements: Frame - just over 22 Ã,½"W x 30 3/4"H; Poster - 2 ... read more