Fleischmann 2-8-2 and 4 car Prussian passenger set, broken drawbar project

Fleischmann no. 4885 model of German express passenger train. Beautifully detailed models - I bought this from a German collector, and he related that the loco had taken a fall and broken the connections between the engine and tender. I originally wanted the set for the exquisitely-decorated cars. This is a tender drive model (the motor works) and, with the broken plastic drawbar and severed wires, this is not a simple fix. The drawbar is an X-shaped plastic sandwich with channels for the wires to the engine. The corners of this X piece fit into locators in the tender body and locomotive cab so that force can be transmitted from the tender drive to the locomotive (the drawbar is really a pushbar). When assembled the loco and tender are permanently (and delicately) connected. I was unable to source the replacement part from the US vendors I tried - it might be more productive to contact a dealer in Europe; the part appears to be only a few dollars. My alternative plan was to use the remains of the broken part as a pattern for a replacement made of brass or aluminum. I planned further to use a small 2 pin disconnect plug to hook up the wiring and then just tape the wires to the drawbar. This would make the assembly less fragile and the (heavy) tender could be more easily detached. But too many projects - time to get this one off my ... read more