We have just been swamped with calls and emails asking for Flex Tees in bulk (no package like the one shown is used and that saves you money) so golfers can buy more of them and save money by not having them packaged and finally we were able to get these marvelous flexable tees in bulk! We show the package in our picture so you can see the feature and benefit story the company advertises, but your shipment is without that cardboard package please note to save you money).

This auction is for ten (10) individual pieces of the amazing Flex Tees in 3 inch driver length. The product our customers tell us is the best accessory they have ever purchased. We are not just saying this, as the Flex Tee is the consumer choice #1 specialty tee in the country. Once you try it, you will never return to any other tee again......and our customers will back this up if you look at our feedback on this product. Nothing short of amazing.

The super, new technology for distance FLEX TEE is the most practical accessory for golf we have ever sold. Our sales are in the tens of thousands of units and there are some incredible stories that come from our return customers so this is the "must have" accessory of the year for us.

Jerimiah K. from Kentucky sent us a typical email recently to state, "You should know this is my third purchase
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