Flexaret Standard, Meopta TLR CLA

Flexaret Standard, Meopta's TLR CLA
Flexaret cameras were really cult classic in former Czechoslovakia. I am in fact happy that some of you like them, too. They were produced in Prerov city. Because they were really workhorses we used them long time for serious work - before the Pentacon six era.
Flexaret Standard was in production around 1965. This camera is until today capable to take quite quality pictures (well acceptable for example by enlarging 14 x 11 and even larger) and mechanically and optically is better than for example later Russian Lubitel 166 U! You can use it for serious work.
Flexaret Standard is twin-lens reflex camera for roll film of 12 pictures 6x6 cm or 16 pictures of size 6x4.5 cm (with mask).
Flexaret Standard is the rarest from all Flexaret basic types except Flexaret I and probably Flexaret III. This type has the lower probability to break in hard conditions, it is very reliable. It has not automatic picture counter that can break.
Picture counter: no picture counter only windows on back. Release: manual. Central, five-lamella type shutter. Without selftimer but easy to make double exposures!
Flexaret Standard can have 3 names on nameplate: Flexaret Standard (common) and Flexaret (less common). This one is with Flexaret only. Camera was manufactured both with black and grey
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