Flight 16 Mar 1951 (Fairchild Packet, RAF Hastings, Bristol Type 173 Helicopter)


(March 16 th 1951)

The magazine published for the serious aero enthusiast and the official organ of the Royal Aero Club. Packed with technical and specification data and well illustrated with photographs and drawings throughout.

Front cover:

Advert: Type 173 Helicopter Protected With Finishes By CELLON

In this issue:

Late Starters (Editorial)

The Air Estimates – Minister’s Statement And The Debate (£1 million a day for the RAF, Plans for BAFO, The debate)

From All Quarters (More space for Avon production, BEA helicopter services, England – N.Z. race news, Canberras by Martin, MCA helicopter report)

Here And There (1951 SBAC show, A Canberra for Australia, Bristol’s Royal visit, France’s fastest, Progress of the B-52, Aircraft for Yugoslavia, The sound of speed, Military jetliner, American records, In brief. Includes photographs of a Canberra giving a demonstration to members of the Martin company, a downed F4U Corsair in North Korea and a Martin P5M-I Marlin on the production line)

Co-OperativeAir Support (A lovely 2-page illustrated article of a joint demonstration by RAF and USAF Transport Aircraft. Includes photographs of a Fairchild Packet, a Hastings dropping containers, a Halifax dropping a Paratechnican, a
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