Flight 18 Nov 1960 (Convair Concept, Argosy, Avro 748, DC-8, Boeing 707 Cutaway)


Aircraft, Spacecraft, Missiles

(November 18 th 1960)

The magazine published for the serious aero enthusiast and the official organ of the Royal Aero Club. Packed with technical and specification data and well illustrated with photographs and drawings throughout.

This is a special larger issue containing a feature on Commercial Aircraft of the World

Front cover:

Advert: Short SC.7 Skyvan

In this issue:

From All Quarters (Polaris in the news, Improved Buccaneers?, Pilots’ peep show, “Neither danger nor discourtesy” – Near miss with Queen’s Comet by German Air Force Sabres, Hawkeye flies. Includes a photo of a Lockheed F-104G Super Starfighter in German markings)

Missiles And Spaceflight (Space decision this year, Blue Scout failure, Mercury setback, Advisory council not impressed, Apollo firms named, Rocketdyne round-up plus a photo of a Mercury capsule on top of Little Joe booster)

Air Commerce ( America ’s supersonic plans, Ansett’s overseas ambitions, Another Latin-American accident, Herald series 200, BOAC’s “Directional Fares”, IATA’s facts and figures for 1959. Includes an artist’s illustration and small blueprint drawings of the Convair 58-9 concept supersonic airliner and photos of a Boeing 707, Boeing 720, a DH Heron 1 and a Britannia)
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