Flight helmet, helicopter helmet

Gentex US Army Helicopter pilots helmet. Extra Large size.

This is a nice US Pilots helmet with single tinted visor and all boom microphones and headsets. I've tested them and they do work. The foam inside the ear speaker cup is a bit dry rooted and needs to be replaced, but the speakers do work. Replacing the foam is easy to do by yourself. The plastic ear cups are fine.

T is great art work painted on the helmet by its original owner who was Major James S. Jewell who retired in the mid 1980's if I recall correctly. I obtained this helmet from a family member of his, but lost to info several years ago. Sorry. They have since moved away. The Artwork looks like some sort of "King" or maybe a "Wiseman". Below the Artwork is the name "JEWEL" an t is what appears to be "Jewels" painted around the helmet. I'm not sure when this Helmet was used, it may be Vietnam or slightly later.

The visor is not mint, but I'd say it is above average in condition with just a few minor scratches from use, nothing that would detract or block your vision.

The Helmet weights 3 ponds and 7 oz. This is not the shipping weight, just the helmet weight.

I'm not sure if this is a version of the Gentex SPH-4 Helmet or not.

Inside it's marked:


Extra Large


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