Up for bids from Kentucky Flintworks is this high quality nylon handled, refillable, flintknapping Ishi stick. It is my standard model. The handle is constructed of structural nylon and is 7/8" in diameter and 20 inches long. It contains an easily replaceable solid copper nail in both ends (not the cheaper one ended models competitors are selling). The nails are approximately 3/16" in diameter (not the much cheaper common copper ground wire competitors use). It also features 2 steel setscrews on each end. This is a long lasting tool with many hundreds in the field. Buy from one of the largest flintknapping dealers in the world. I've been selling quality tools for over 13 years and will be there in the future. If you are a primitive or traditional bowhunter, or you just like archery, bowhunting, and arrowhead making this item is for you. It also makes a unique gift. Good luck and thanks for looking.