Flippo the Clown Press Photo, 1960's, WBNS TV,Columbus

This is a press photo from the 1960's of Flippo the Clown,aka Bob Marvin. I found it in a box of old stuff from my childhood that had been stored in my dad's closet for the past 40 years or so. It looks as if I had it hanging on a wall-it has a couple of pin holes in it. It had a few red markings on the back. What can I say! I was a stupid kid! It has a few slight creases, but nothing serious, in my humble opinion. Flippo was a TV celebrity on the local TV station, channel 10, WBNS. He was on for much of my childhood and I even met him once when he was in my hometown doing a live appearance. The picture says "Your Channel 10 pal Flippo XXX" and along the bottom it reads "Flippo 5pm daily WBNS-TV" with a drawing of Sylvester the Cat holding up the "O" in Flippo. Contact me if you have any questions.