E-Flite Blade mCP X V2 Fully Upgraded Carbon Body & Aluminum Head Helicopter

E-Flite Blade mCP X V2 Fully Upgraded Carbon Collective Pitch Micro Helicopter
This is a Blade MCPx V2 helicopter that has a MicroHeli Frame installed on it with an all aluminum head and a brand new long tail boom that I just installed for the sale. The head is also all aluminium for near indestructibility with microheli grips. With these upgrades, this heli is absolutely a blast to fly! I also have installed the blade solid carbon extended length tail boom for added rigidity and handle-ability. I build custom helicopters as a hobby for sale, so I hand test everything, and I have the swashplate dialled in pretty well for almost perfect hover. Helicopter has been thoroughly tested and is guaranteed Against DOA. There are about $70 in upgraded parts here, so this is a great deal!
I have the original box for this item, but I can reduce shipping to $5.99 if you don't want the original box, so select the 5.99 shipping to elect for no original box, and sellect $13.99 shipping to receive the original box. I have the original box, 2 e-flite batteries, battery charger, as well as the helicopter in this sale.

Blade mCP X BNF

Key Features

AS3X™ Digital Flybarless System Integrated flybarless unit increases stability, control and power, providing the user the ultimate ultra-micro heli experience for indoor and
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