E-Flite Blade SR New Parts Pack with Battery & Blades!

E-Flite Blade SR Large Parts Pack

All Parts are Brand New

There are 15 new replacement pieces to rebuild or refresh your SR Helicopter

They include:

Main Blade Set - EFLH1518

1000mah Battery - EFLB0997

Direct Drive Tail Motor - EFLH1322

Tail Rotor Blade - EFLH1324 (Qty 2)

Hardware Set - EFLH1514

Spindle/Feathering Shaft - EFLH1523

Blade Grip Bolts - EFLH1525

Rotor Head Set - EFLH1146

Paddle Control Frame - EFLH1148

Main Blade Grip Set - EFLH1171

Pitch Control Link Set - EFLH1151

Center Hub - EFLH1512

Paddle Control Frame Pushrod Set - EFLH1163

Bell Mixer Arm & Pushrod Set - EFLH1172

Rebuild Kit Crash Pack