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From the great Flora Danica collection of 109 pieces !

The plate has been executed by the Danish manufacturer "Royal Copenhagen". It bears the factory mark: the trusted blue triple wave logo and is stamped in green underglaze with the crown emblem and the text "ROYAL COPENHAGEN DENMARK". Royal Copenhagen, officially the Royal Porcelain Factory was founded in Copenhagen in 1775 under the protection of Queen Juliane Marie, by the chemist Frantz Heinrich Müller. It has been recognised ever since by its factory mark, the three wavy lines above each other, which symbolises Denmark's three straits: Ã~resund, Store Bælt and Lille Bælt. In 1779 the absolute monarch King Christian VII assumed financial responsibility, thus guaranteeing the future of the porcelain factory. As with many other early porcelain factories the greater proportion of Royal Copenhagen porcelain

The plate is from the 2Oth century.

The plate is white porcelain with hand-painted over-glaze decoration and gilded edges.

The plate has a diameter of 22 cm/ 8,6 inches and is 5,5 cm/ 2,1 inches deep.

Auction record:

On offer is an elegant soup plate from the great 20th c. Flora Danica collection of 109 pieces, by Royal Copenhagen ! The plate is decorated with the Flora Danica pattern depicting an image of "Linaria Vulgaris". This naturalistic, subtle and detailed over-glaze pattern is painted at the centre of the plate and surrounded by single green leaves and heads of flowers. The edges of the plate are additionally decorated with an elaborate gilded ornament.
The Flora Danica is one of the most famous Danish porcelain pattern. The intricate over-glaze decorations contain more than 700 wild plants in their patterns. It was invented in 1790 when the Danish Crown Prince Frederik ordered a dinner set decorated with exact copies of the prints of "Flora Danica" - a comprehensive atlas of botany, containing folio-sized pictures of all the wild plants native to Denmark on that time. According to tradition the service was intended as a gift for the Empress Catherine the Great of Russia, an enthusiastic collector of porcelain.
It is a great bargain opportunity as the plate retails at $ 1,700!
Sensational offer !
The item comes from the Collection of 109 Royal Copenhagen FLORA DANICA pieces from a private Danish estate.
Retail price $ 300,000.
All pieces are hand decorated in very high quality at Mrs. E. Hassing´s School. All pieces are in perfect condition with no wear, no chips etc. All pieces are 2. factory quality.
The collection will be offered on eBay in October and November 2008 sold as individual pieces, 109 auctions in total.
The collection contains : 12 dinner plates, 12 open lace dinner plates, 12 dinner plates decorated with fish, 12 large soup plates, 12 soup plates, 12 lunch plates, 12 salad plates, 12 cake plates, 3 large oval platters, 2 large round platters, 2 large bowls, 2 salad dishes, 2 gravy boats and 2 oval dishes.

The item is Factory Second Quality, in perfect condition.

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