Florida Art Highwaymen Painting H. Foster 16x24

~Read some history on Horace Forster...

His childhood yrs. were spent in Tifton,GA. w he attended Wilson Elem. School with his "childhood" friend Sam Newton. Sam is now a very famous Florida landscape artist who inspired Horace to start painting and Mentored him during their "early" yrs.

Harold Newton (Sam's brother) also a listed artist from Tifton, GA. who moved to Fort Pierce, Fl. in the early 50's to paint landscapes. He was a very positive influence on both Sam and Horace, constantly encouraging them to "Perfect" their skills/styles. Horace and Sam both followed Harold to Fort Pierce for a few yrs. Lemuel Newton (Lem) another Newton brother, then decided to join Sam, Harold and Horace for the journey and spent time in the lovely Fort Pierce, Fl. Painting side by side.

Horace back in the "early" days of the Highwaymen, started out as a helper making custom frames for the art work for the already "established" (if, properly put) Highwaymen. Eventually, Horace had such recognizable Talent, that it was noticed by other's! He began his hands-on with these "established" artist and began painting "Penciled in area's" on a piece of upson board..starting with clouds, and then moving on to other area's of the scene. the artist doing the particular scene would "finish out" the filled in area's , thus speeding up the
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