A VINTAGE Piece of BurleighWare by Briar which was made in England. The beautiful cobalt blue floral design "flows" onto a white background and is enhanced with gold gilt.

The pitcher is 7 1/2 inches tall; measures 3 3/4 inches in diameter across the bottom and 2 7/8 inches in diameter at the top edge. The cobalt blue handle is decorated with gold gilt which appears to be handpainted leaves.

At the top edge of the pitcher (see photo... t is a notch on one side and a hole directly across from the notch. It would appear that this piece, at one time, had a lid of some sort which pivoted in the notch to allow access to the inside of the pitcher.

The markings on the bottom are very clearly stamped in the same cobalt blue as the design on the body of the piece. As you can see in the photos, it is marked "Burleigh Ware" in a circular design. In the center of the circle are B and L in srcipt. Also visible just below "WARE" are the markings "R&N 443008". "BRIAR" is also stamped in the cobalt blue below the other markings.

Some numbers (3387) are stamped in red next to the bottom rim. The appear to have been "handwritten" before the glazing process.

Other than the lid being absent, this piece is perfect and in mint condition. No chips, cracks or imperfections of any kind can be found.

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