FLOWER WINDOW,Wall Hanging,Kiln Fused Stained Glass 2.5 x 3.5" ACEO Sun Catcher

This is a handcrafted kiln fused stained glass window of colorful flowers that measures approximately 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches made by us, Lawrence and Audrey Goldsmith (LJG&AAG). The photo does not capture the full beauty of the brilliance, color and sparkling quality of the glass. It has a drilled hole on the top for easy hanging in a window or on a wall. It is signed and dated by us with a glass engraving tool .

We made this in many stages. First we cut clear Bullseye Glass, drilled the hole and bent green glass pieces, called stringers at a high temperature. Audrey Goldsmith then combined this on the clear glass base with thin glass, called confetti glass that she carefully cut, and added small pieces of stained glass to create the design of the piece.

We then kiln fused it, bringing the temperature to approximately 1400 degrees. The window was then annealed (slowly cooled) in the kiln for many hours. It is lightfast and waterproof.

This is an original work of art. No two pieces of ours are alike. This multistep process has taken us many years to perfect to our satisfaction and we feel that we have our own original approach to glass fusing. The size is the same as ACEO (Art Cards Editions Originals) which are more often done on paper by both us and many other ebay artists. We encourage other glass
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