Fluorescent Slab of Canadian Wernerite w/ Diopside Longwave UV Mineral Specimen

Fluorescent Mineral Collector Piece

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Featured here is an end cut slab of Wernerite with some Diopside from Otter Lake, Canada that fluoresces yellow with some pale blue . It would make a good addition to your awesome specimen collection. The first two photos are SW, the next two are LW, and the last four are daylight. The dimensions of this piece are: up to 3" width by up to 4" length by up to 1/4" thick. The lot weighs about 5 ounces .

We use a 36 watt fluorescent lamp specifically designed for viewing displayed fluorescent minerals . The lamp was built and designed by "Way Too Cool" of AZ (they have a great website with lots of good info on fluorescent minerals and lamps). Our minerals are photographed dry, and no type of of photo enhancement is employed, as it appears under our lamp is how it photoed and is presented on our listings. We display shortwave photos first, then long wave photos. If the mineral
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