FLUORITE Intense Purplish Pink flourite - Durango

This specimen measures 8 1/4" x 3" Wide x 1 3/8" Tall, and weighs almost 2# (31oz). This FLUORITE has very nice purplish-pink octahedral crystals covering the entire top of the specimen. The crystals are on white matrix. From Mina Navidad, Durango, Mexico.


Chemical Composition: CaF2 Calcium Fluoride

Hardness: 4

Crystal Habit: Isometric. Most often cubic or penetration twins, sometimes octahedrons or dodecahedrons. May be masses, granular, botryoidal or columnar, etc.

Color: Almost every color: violet, purple, blue, green, yellow, brown, bluish-black, crimson, pink, rose-red, colorless, white. Multiple colors often banded or zoned. Transparent to translucent.

Lustre: Vitreous

Streak: White

Fracture: Subconchoidal to splintery. Cleavage is perfect in 4 directions, forming octahedrons.

Often Associated With: Albite, pyrite, calcite, galena, barite and quartz.

Misc: Is fluorescent under ultraviolet light: blue, yellow, white, reddish or pale violet. Some varieties are thermoluminescent.

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