FLY Porsche 911 GT 1 E53 S. Oliver 1/32 Slot Car

FLY E 53 Rare Porsche 911 GT1 by S. Oliver Limited Edition 1/32nd scale Slot Car

On Biggest Sale Yet !!!

Rare Fly 1/32 scale Porsche 911 GT 1 E53 S. Oliver slot car. All Fly’s were limited edition runs run never to be made again so you can only get them from people that have them stored away. This E53 Porsche 911 GT 1 S. Oliver is brand new in new mint type condition and has never been out of the Fly crystal case and it is in the original Fly box with the Fly identification card. All mine run on a 100 ft Ninco track and are compatible with all the other 1/32 nd scale slot cars. The Fly cars come with neodyminum magnets to get a great grip on the track for really high speeds. My track record is under 3.6 seconds so these really go especially if you upgrade to a 29,000 Rpm Slot it engine and an additional neodyminum magnet on the car. Great for kids as the cars stick really well to the track and they are easy to work on. I have 500 Fly slot cars and am putting up some of the Lola’s this week and the rare Guagemaster UK BMW M3 and GTR Saleen S7R set and the Blue Coral A 37 Porsche GT 1, which is the most collected of the Fly Porsches and the rare 500 only made Fly UK # 69 Ferrari F40 limited edition. Try to find these before Christmas at these reasonable prices. If you need any Fly slot cars let me know as I have all
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