You are looking at a beautiful lot of eight art work wall & mobile hanging art decorations. Some of these are marked on the back, made in Indonesia. The rest are not marked. There are three large, nice sized flying mobile mermaid goddess's, measuring between 15 1/2" long and as small as 7 3/4" long. There is a similiar mobile in the shape of a frog, which measures 6" long. There is also a balloon shaped mobile with what looks like rabbits in a basket, and two wall hanging decorations of some sort of a goddess...these two wall hangings measure 19 1/2" each. The above seven items are all made of some sort of light weight wood. The last item is a pottery. It is a mask of a face with large eyes and a nice smooth surface on the front...this mask measures a little over 8" long...the eyes on this mask have a similiar texture to the back of the pottery, not the glazed surface of the rest of the piece. All pieces are in nice shape, a few with some signs of usage, or need a minor touching up of the paint. Some of the pieces show some minor grooves on the wood. Very minor, nothing major. Other than that, they look great!!! This is an incredible lot of lovely Balinese, Indonesia artwork items. I will ship the mobile mermaids that have wings, with them seperated, for safe shipping; as they detach. I took a bunch of pictures , so please take ... read more