Folk Art Carving Native American Totem Pole

Folk Carving of Proud Raven Totem Pole Welcome! You are bidding on a carving honoring the 1868 Proud Raven or Abraham Lincoln pole carved to commemorate peace between the Tongass and Kagwantan tribes under the protection of the United States revenue cutter, Lincoln. My apologies for the side view of the raven. Of all the photos I've taken and edited, this one alone refuses to sit up straight. After two days and a couple of hours trying to edit this, I decided he wants to be on his side. Along with the carving is a paper (quite singed on the edges) that describes the history of the totem pole. 's a quote from the paper: "A Tsimshian artist from Port Simppson, British Columbia, by the name of Thleda was hired to do the carving. At the base is an excellent raven figure, called Proud Raven, honoring the Tongass Ravens who outwitten the Kagwantan and forced them into a peace pact. The pole is generally know to the Tlingit as the Proud Raven pole. Thleda was given a picture of President Lincoln to copy for the top of the column." >T is a typed paper label on the back with Proud Raven, T. Shirlaw, 1969. I have not located any information about the carver of this fine piece of folk art. > Height 16.5". Weight 7 ounces.

> I ship UPS or USPS, within 48 hours of receipt of payment during the work week.
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