Folk Art SNOWMAN Set Primitive Christmas dolls OOAK

The Snow Brothers
3 1/2" & 4 1/4" Tall
The Snow Brothers are original, hand-crafted works of art by Jo James.
The Snow Brothers are signed and dated by the artist-- Jo James.
Like each of our creations, this set is entirely hand painted.
These little cuties are made of paper mache clay.
Each of our paper mache creations is entirely hand sculpted, using no molds.
Each one is a unique, one-of-a-kind sculpture that is entirely hand painted.
Their "eyes of coal" are actually glass beads.
We are a mom and dad business, a two person
company of artists. We make the kind of art we'd
hang on our walls, then we open our doors to you.
We call ourselves Cart Before The Horse
because we're always getting ahead of ourselves.
All of our creations are made one at a time. They're all
one-of-a-kind. We make them with our own hands,
since these are the only hands we have.
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