Antique Folk Art Clay Sewer Tile/Pipe Tree Stump Planter
Signed Lee Clay Products, Clearfield, Kentucky
Fresh from a local estate sale in NE PA is this very cool antique Folk Art sewer pipe tree stump planter with a dark brown alkaline glaze. The piece has an oval impressed mark on one of the feet that clearly reads Clearfield, KY with the rest of the impression less distinct. Part of the company initials in the center LCP can be seen, as well as, the beginning of Lee on the outer edge of the oval. Their mark impression read "Clearfield, KY. Lee Clay Products Co." The piece is made by hand applying the clay to the pipe and then sculpting in the grain and details. Very realistic!
These folk art sewer pipe or tile pieces were only produced during the late 1800s to the mid 1950s and lost popularity. Today these pieces are being recognized for their Primitive Folk Art appeal and unique artistry of the craftsman who made them from leftovers and scrap pieces in their spare time. Often, they were created as utility items but many decorative pieces such as vases and umbrella stands were made for family or given as gifts. We are so fortunate that this piece is marked as many or most were not!
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