Only fools and horses limited edition suitcase

This limited edition box set contains, 1 x specially created t-shirt, the 1996 only fools and horses Christmas trilogy, heroes and villains BBCV 6363, modern men BBCV 6364, time on our hands BBCV 6365, The suitcase is a BBCV 6366. Here we have an excellent collectors item in top condition, on the top of the suitcase is 4x pretend stickers, one says BBC special limited edition, one says only fools and horses, and one is a list of contents ie: 3 single videos and a specially created only fools and horses t-shirt, and the last one says David Jason and Nicholas lyndhurst. on the back of the unopened compact t-shirt reads - immerse t-shirt in water until it is thoroughly wet, pull into shape and dry as normal size XL 100% Cotton. A really top item and im having a clear out ( so my wife says ) so i have to give someone the ultimate chance to own a very special and rare item, if i had anywhere to keep it without my wife finding it i would but unfortunately there is no hiding anything from her :-(( , so i hope it goes to a good home, thanks for looking and .

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