Force of Will Custom Starter Deck - Prince of all Fairy tales 'Grimm '


Item Description

-- Deck List:


4x Hemelins Pied Piper ( Rare Holo )

4xMad Hatter

2x Humpty Dumpty ( Super Rare Holo !)

2x March Hare ( Rare Holo !)

2x Sleeping Beauty ( Rare Holo !)

2x Kai, The Frozen Heart

1x Sleeping Rat

1x Rapunzel, The Long Haired Princess ( Super Holo !)

1x Tinker Bell, The Spirit ( Rare Holo !)

1x Hansel ( Super Holo !)


4x Evolution of Limits

4x Rat Catchers Pipe

4x Witchs Dagger

3x Realm of Evolution

2x Foresee

2x Dreams of Wounderland

1x Tell a Fairy Tale ( Rare Holo !!)


4x Green

3x Light

3x Blue


1x Grimm, The Fairy Tale Prince

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