Forces Of Valor "Jochen Peiper" #008 King Tiger Tank Ardennes 1944 (1:16 Scale)

Here you are bidding on the Forces of Valor German King Tiger #008 that was Commander Jochen Peipers tank during the Battle of the Bulge in Ardennes Belgium in December 1944. Forces of Valor 1:16 scale King Tiger tank exhibits incredible detail in the sculpting, casting, and painting. The Masterpiece to the eye is further complemented with diecast construction of the most important elements. The real metal tracks, turret, gun barrel, shells, tank traps, and oil drums are all cast metal, providing unmatched realism and an impressive feel of a real heavy armor tank. The exterior detail of the King Tiger is enhanced by a wide variety of realistic accessories and actions. The metal tank tracks are functional and roll along the suspension. The hatches and doors open to explore the inner cavities. The tools come off and can be rearranged for diorama creations. Turning and removing the top turret reveals the complete inner tank details. Similar to the real King Tiger Tank production, the turret hull comes off and the interior of the tank is open for exploration of the armament. Exploring the inside of the turret you will see the incredible interior working mechanisms of the real battle tank. You will also get to see the 88mm gun loading components, the munitions storage, and the areas for the Commander, Loader and Radio Operator. There ... read more