FORD 534 V8 Super Duty Engine

FORD 534 V8 Super Duty Engine
8.8 Litre Petrol
Holley 4 barrel carb
Twin Disk industrial clutch
12 Volt Electrics
Similar to Ford Seamaster marine engine.
This engine was from an airport runway sweeper. Was reconditioned about 30 years ago and then left in the corner of a warehouse. I aquired the engine about 15 years ago when the factory was re developed, I cleaned it up and used it as a museum display.
The engine starts easily and runs smooth there is a short video of it running on youtube search FORD 534 V8 ENGINE
The throttle and govenor linkages are missing ..
There is plenty of information on these engines out there as they were quite popular in medium to heavy duty trucks and many fire engines, Snow ploughs,Motor homes and Busses in the USA.
Collection or arrange your own courier
If i can arrange delivery I will update this listing.
Engine dimensions on stand are 1.7 M long x 1 M wide x 1.5 M high
Currently on casters but can be fixed to a pallet if required