Ford 7W dash 1938 Hot Rod Pop Anglia Fordson E93A 7Y

This is a dash to fit Ford 7Y and 7W 1937-9. It is in good original condition. Instruments appear to be in good condition. It is complete except for the glove box which can easily be made from trim card. Glove box door opens and closes nicely. To make perfect, the 4 vertical chrome trims would need to be replated and so would the glove box door handle, and the steel part would need to be repainted, or has great patina and can be used as is. The clock works.

The 7W dash is about the nicest dash you can put into the Pop and Anglia range of cars. They are very rare.

Suitable for Hot Rod, Rat Rod, gasser, Street rod or original car. Can be fitted to all sit up and beg Pop family cars-Pops, Anglias, Prefects, Fordsons etc.

These dashes are steel construction with bakelite glove box door and bakelite insert panel around the instruments