FORD Advertising Sheep Dog Bank "It's A Fooord" (Mint)

Advertising Sheep Dog Bank
This large single dog is the hardest of the Ford banks. Mint condition. 7-1/2" tall.
Original Ford Mascot Sheepdog Coin Savings Bank

A Floppy-eared, shaggy dog who acted as the commercial spokes-dog for the Ford Motor Company in the 1950s-60's. Designed by animator Adrian Woolery, the Ford Dog drove about the animated commercials in an automobile shaped like the Ford Company logo, saying "It's a Fooooord! The J. Walter Thompson Agency created the campaign in 1952. The Ford Dog was the first commercial character to inspire merchandising spin-offs, such as the Ford Dog doll bank. They gave these banks away to new car buyers. T were three or four designs, the first one with his 'arm' across body holding a bank, the next standing with his sheepdog son, and this one.
T is no removable plug in the bottom, they were given away this way.

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