This auction is for a 1965 Ford thames 400E van, that as can be seen has been cut in order to make a crew cab pick up. I bought this with the intention of rurning it into a car transporter the same as picture 9 but with a crew cab. I believe that Lotus built a crew cab one back in the late sixties. looking at the chassis i think it would be straightforward to lengthen the wheelbase then its getting into welding the cab !!! As you can see the cab needs a lot of welding, but new panels are avaliable at a very reasonable price and you will not need many. The wing panels etc can be seen in picture 8. I intended to build the transporter a bit like the one that Mercedes used to transport the race cars in the fifties so building up the panels around the wheels. I have no idea on Engine condition. As can be seen from pics i have bumpers seats etc. If your looking to copy the Lotus transporter then this project offers a good cheap starting point. I have to sell this project because of money issues and other projects. It rolls really easy so no problem on pick up. Offered with No Reserve.