Forge World Chaos Death Guard CSM Upgrade Complete ! MK2 and MK3 No Backpacks

This auction will end SUNDAY NIGHT around 900 PM EST - Please pay SUNDAY night for a MONDAY morning shipping !!
Up for auction is a complete set of Forge World Death guard marines !
The starting price is slightly above the cost of just the Death Guard Upgrade kit ALONE !
10 Marine parts total -- WITHOUT BACKPACKS -- AS PICTURED -- Leftover from current nurgle marine project
the details -
2 Volkite Calivers - Used as Plasma Rifles (can have 2 in a unit of plague marines)
10 Total torsos - 2 are already assembled on Forge World MK3 Iron armour legs
20 Shoulder pads (death guard FW) 2 are off the sprue, but included - 1 has a broken little horn on it, cant even tell and makes no cosmetic difference once you finish snipping it off.
8 Forge World mk2 Legs - As pictured - enough to complete the squad with the 2 that are already assembled
20 bolter arms, as pictured - They are plastic bolter arms and ARE NOT FORGEWORLD ARMS, they are the Games Workshop plastic arms - Chaos style
8 Chaos Bolters - PLASTIC, GAMES WORKSHOP not forgeworld bolters - These are the Plastic Chaos bolters and NOT THE FORGEWORLD BOLTERS
0 backpacks - There are no backpacks included in this auction - You need to supply your own backpacks to complete the models that are in this auction
This auction will end SUNDAY
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